Important Vermilion Valley Resort Contact Information

Phone: 1-559-259-4000

The preferred method for sending your resupply is UPS. The address is:
Vermilion Valley Resortâ„¢ - c/o China Peak Landing - 62311 Huntington Lake Road -Lakeshore, Ca. 93634
Note: Any mail sent via the US Postal Service to China Peak Landing will be promptly returned!
We are serious when we say United Parcel Service (UPS) ONLY!

For packages sent via U.S. Mail ONLY:
Your NAME - c/o VVR - General Delivery - Lakeshore, California 93634
If you follow the instructions provided above. your package will be picked up by VVR personnel and kept at VVR. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a $10 surcharge being assessed for every package not in compliance. (This is why we highly recommend sending via UPS or Fed-X to China Peak Landing).
Please don't forget to place your name and estimated date of arrival on all four sides of the resupply package!
*We HIGHLY recommend using the Priority Mail boxes - they are available for a flat rate, and can be bounced (forwarded) or returned at no addition postage cost.

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