More Important Resupply Information

Timing your Resupply Package
VVR at Edison Lake is approximately two hours from the nearest U.S. Post Office or the UPS drop point, therefore we only pickup packages once or twice a week. Keep this in mind when planning your package arrival date. Please be sure you send your package to arrive 10-14 days BEFORE you arrive! If you must send it within 2 weeks of you arrival, be sure to send it via UPS for the best chance that it will arrive in time.

ALERT! Effective June 1 2020 we are asking people to track their boxes/buckets to either the Post Office for mail; or China Peak Landing for Fed-X/ UPS. If you have confirmation that is has been delivered then it is in the queue to be brought up to VVR. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE YOU TO CALL China Peak Landing, the USPS, or VVR to check on your resupply. Our warehouse lease was threatened at China Peak Landing because people were calling looking for their box. They do not have access to your resupply. If you do call they will capture your name, give it to us and we will add a penalty charge of 25.00 to your pick-up fee. If you follow our directions and timeline your resupply will be here. If you don’t follow our directions then it is on you if your resupply did not arrive and get processed on time. Thank you to all the hikers who get it and do it correctly. Hiker Resupply boxes can be sent for pick-up between approximately May 15th and Oct 15th every year. Opening date for the resort depends on the plowing and opening of Kaiser Pass Road. Closing date depends on the weather in October. Note that these are APPROXIMATE dates only. If you plan on resupplying close to opening or closing, please contact us directly by phone or email to ensure we'll be open.

Please note: Packages are limited to 25 pounds each. Any packages left or not picked up by the specified date will be held 30 days unless special arrangements have been made. After that, at our discretion, we will open and dispose of the contents of your box. Whatever can go into the hiker boxes will be put there.

Please put your name and expected arrival date on all sides of the box - it helps us store your box properly, and then identify it quickly once you arrive!

Hiker Barrel Rules:
We place two Bear Boxes outside the store for hikers to place or donate their excess food and supplies. We have a separate Rubbermaid container located next to the barrels for fuels and non-food items. We also have a trash bin located between the two boxes. We ask that the hikers police themselves and others by keeping these barrels free of spoiled or inedible foods etc. Please do not place your home-packed, unidentified food mixes or meals into the hiker boxes. NOTE: Food placed in these barrels are for thru-hikers use only, not for the general public and contents in these barrels “are never taken and placed in the store for resale”.

Unclaimed Hiker Resupply box contents will be placed in the Hiker Barrels or sold in the store to offset transportation, handling and storage costs. If you are unable to pick-up your box, don’t wish to have it returned to you and would like all the contents of your unclaimed box to go into the hiker barrel, simply call us and pay the $30 with a credit card. We will then put all the contents into the Hiker barrels.

What is a Resupply Box?
A resupply box is as the name implies - a box that holds any number of items that will resupply your hike. Resupply boxes can include food, fuel, batteries, guide books, medicines, candy bars, cookies, even boots for a specific section of the trail. If you plan on self-resupply, you should send multiples resupply boxes to the many resupply points along the PCT/JMT before your trip begins.

The best resupply box is a 2.5 - 5 gallon bucket. Purchase them for around $3-4 for the larger bucket at any hardware store. Lowes and Home Depot regularly have them near the entrance to the store. Watch for a sale, and stock up on them. They make amazingly good resupply and bounce boxes because:
  • They are incredibly sturdy.
  • The lids snap on and typically won't fall off in transit.
  • They can double as a seat at your resupply point.
  • They hold a lot of stuff.
  • They won't fall apart during shipping.
What is a Bounce Box?
A bounce box is a USPS Flat Rate Box that you send to yourself repeatedly over the course of your hike. They can contain anything, but typically contain guide books, batteries, fuel, and other things that you think will be difficult to resupply along the trail. To use a Flat Rate bounce box, simply send it as your first resupply prior to the hike. Then when you pick up your PCT resupply , determine which items you need to send forward. You might also find a good deal at your resupply point on things you will need down the trail. If so, buy them there and put them in your bounce box. Then, just mail the bounce box to a resupply point further down the trail. Continue this every time you reach the bounce box. In fact, you can do this at ANY resupply point (you'll need a box if you don't have your bounce bucket there). Simply send your 2nd bounce box to the same place as the first, and combine contents into your bounce bucket (and dispose of the 2nd bounce box). Rinse, lather, repeat!


There is normally no need to send fuel in your resupply. We carry the most common fuel canisters as well as alcohol and white gas in the VVR store. If you have an unusual fuel canisters, or one that is sold outside the United States, please call VVR at 559-259-4000 to ensure we have the canister or fuel you need.