Boating a Vermilion Valley Resort

We currently have fishing boats, SUP's and kayaks for rent at VVR. Please refer to the price list below.
Boats are not allowed on the lake after 7pm or before 7am due to the lack of running lights.
Boats must be returned by 7pm unless you have rented the boat for an extended stay. There is a $10 fee if you'd like to rent overnight.
Coast Guard regulations require that floatation devices be available at all times, and that children under the age of 10 be wearing flotation devices at all times while on the water.
Why not rent a boat overnight, and camp at a remote campsite around the lake. There are many to choose from - just ask the staff in the office.
Rental Prices
Boat Type Rental Fees
12' or 14' Fishing Boat (includes life vests and fuel)
Motors are Honda 4-strokes
$25 for 2 hours. $10 per hour afterwards
$70.00 per Day (7am to 7pm)
$45 per half day
(1pm - 7pm)
2 person Kayak
SUP Board
$55 per day
$35 per half day
$45.00 per Day$
$25.00 per half day
$15.00 per hour
Rentals are handled in the Camp Store, or call us for reservations (no reservations accepted more than 7 days in advance). A credit card must be presented as a security deposit on any boat rental. You will be charged for any damage resulting from negligence on your part. Note that we cannot take reservations via email.