Well Known VVR Hiker Services

Showers and Laundry
We provide showers and laundry service to anyone at VVR. Showers are available for $7 per person, and include soap and a towel. Laundry is $7 per load, and includes the soap. Showers are included in room rentals, and in the Yurt rental.

Hiker Campground
We offer two nights in the Hiker Camping area for free or on a first come first serve basis you can rent a comfortable bed in our Hiker Hostel tent. Charge is $15.00 and includes clean mattress cover. In addition, we provide a variety of lodging options at VVR, ranging from a stay in a tent cabin, a tiny house, a cozy cabin, a comfortable Yurt or a motel room complete with shower and kitchenette, to RV units with full kitchens and bathrooms.

Getting to VVR
Our ferry boat, The Edison Queen, travels on the lake from approximately June 1st to October 1st depending on the back country snow conditions and our visitors requirements. It runs seven days a week with special departures upon request. The boat dock at the mouth of Mono Creek, is less than a mile from the main PCT/JMT trail.

We offer a Resupply Package Service for those planning to stop over at VVR to resupply. In addition, we maintain Hiker Barrels for hikers who wish to leave extra supplies or who are in need of supplies when they reach our resort.

At VVR, we have provided Internet access via satellite for those hikers who need to check their email or upload blog entries for the trail. In addition, we have VOIP service for calls home, and AT&T cellular coverage from the beach. In addition we offer several charging stations (free) so that your electronic devices can be recharged.

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